Type Features Use Availablilty
Royal Double Boiled Rice

Double parboiled and steam dried rice - transparent pearl like appearance.

as Meals 10 kg, 20kg, 50kg, and 75kg.
Royal single Boiled Rice

Pearl like appearance with a central white spot. contains 2% bran, less cooking time,   average taste, hard grain,  longer storage, attracts less insects. Minimum loss of solids in to the gruel .

as Meals 10 kg, 20kg, 50kg, and 75 kg
Royal Nutri-Rice

Specially parboiled steam dried and unpolished rice. Rice with 100 % stabilized rice bran, brown color, Rich in B- Complex/ Vitamins and Minerals. More cooking time less tasty, Moderate storage. Rich in dietary fiber composed of Hemicellulose , Cellulose , Lignin and Pectin, which are known to minimize several diseases like Heart attack, Blood pressure, Diabetes ,Colon cancer, Obesity, and ,Constipation.

as Meals or porridge
In vitamin B.Complex deficiency ( esp. in the supportive treatment of Beri-beri and month ulcers)
10 kg, 20 kg.
Royal Broken Rice

Grade 1 Quality Broken Rice from par- boiled Royal rice (single/ Double). Fine brokens with uniform size and pearl color contain 2-3 % bran. Longer storage and thick gruel.

As Nutritious Porridge for instant Energy and Quick energy and Quick digestion, Excellent in sickness
Royal Raw Rice

Best Quality Rice - White in color. Contains 2 to 3% bran, Less cooking time, Grain semi-hard, Less storage, Thick gruel.

As Meals, Idle, Dosa, Steam Cake and other Breakfast items
Royal Idli Rice

Specially processed Parboiled rice Excellent for preparing Idli, Dosa, Payasam. White color, longer storage.

For preparing Idle, Dosa and Payasam
10 kg, 20 kg, 50kg, 75 kg
Royal Rice Bran

Ultra fine Sieved, Stabilized, Parboiled Royal Rice Bran, Fine Bran Brown in colour. Rich in Vitamin B complex, Minerals and Dietary fiber for the treatment of vitamin B, complex deficiency and for minimizing disease chances of heart attack, blood pressure Diabetes colon Cancer, Obesity and constipation,

Can be mixed with milk , break fast items, and baked foods and consumed. Already used in western countries.
Royal Rice Powder

Best quality rice powder Specially processed and produced from Royal raw Rice.

Excellent for preparing Idli , Dosa steam cake like foods.
Royal Whole Wheat Powder

 A delicious item grinded not through advance technology, but flowered in traditional chakky. Poories and chapaties are soft not only when hot but even when it is cold and can break with  three fingers

  1/2 kg, 1kg, 2kg   5kg


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